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scroll down for sampling of New York Times pieces in non-chronological order and book excerpt...

Mrs. Stern...

Berlin. 1933. A young officer arrests a graduate student, Hannah Arendt

How to Land the Bachelor

An Ideas and Trends piece aimed at those dating on a major network... published in New York Times "Week in Review" May 5, 2002

Scroll down even more for plays and reviews...

In Flight

a comedy about the power of poetry, the poetry of power, and the perils of publishing

None of the Above

A girl answers the door expecting her drug dealer and finds her S.A.T. tutor. Things degenerate from there.

Manhattan Casanova

a play for anyone who's ever dated the wrong person.

Mona Lisa Speaks

the most famous woman in the world stops smiling and finally gets a word in.

He Meant, She Meant

Jenny Lyn Bader & Bill Brazell define 800 words from the male and female perspectives.

Remembering Kate Harper (134 KB)

Scroll down to the middle of the first page of the article (which is page 4) to begin this remembrance of late mentor and inspiration Kate Harper.