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In Flight

A comedy about the power of poetry, the poetry of power, and the perils of publishing. — And surely the world's first verse play set in the offices on an in-flight airline magazine.

"a brilliant play and a lot of fun"


"a modern Shakespearean pleasure"
—Gotham Buzz


"a charming and uplifting new play... Bader has a remarkable facility with language. The entire play is rhymed and moves at a fast clip..."
—Huffington Post

"exquisite... The poetry makes the characters and their dilemmas jump off into full throttle."
from "In Flight A Play Not to Miss"
— Times Square Chronicles


"Verse plays can surely take you to wonderful places. In this charming effort from Turn to Flesh Productions, we are asked to consider if the way we feel about a place is more real than what we would see if we went there. ... With the meter running, the talented cast is free to express so many outstanding and outlandish truths." 

—NY Theater Now 


"a very funny, well-plotted, charmingly written exploration of the power of words to reveal and conceal the truth about the world and the world of emotion...a comedy about a woman who loves writing more than she loves living." 

—Playwright, novelist, screenwriter Kevin Scott (Key Exchange)

Welcome to The Omega Traveler a highly unusual publication with piles of provocative fan mail, globe-trotting poets, erratic travel writers, and the potential for turning around the whole ailing airline industry. Fasten your seat belts and store your tray tables! This verse play flies fast -- and lands in unexpected places.