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Cocktails & Classics

Thanks to all those who came to "Trappings and Trimmings," part of "Cocktails and Classics" at Turn to Flesh Productions.

A new short verse play, performed at the Shakespeare Forum, November 2017.

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How to Land the Bachelor

An Ideas and Trends piece aimed at those dating on a major network... published in New York Times "Week in Review" May 5, 2002

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In Flight

a comedy about the power of poetry, the poetry of power, and the perils of publishing

None of the Above

A girl answers the door expecting her drug dealer and finds her S.A.T. tutor. Things degenerate from there.

Manhattan Casanova

a play for anyone who's ever dated the wrong person.

Mona Lisa Speaks

the most famous woman in the world stops smiling and finally gets a word in.

He Meant, She Meant

Jenny Lyn Bader & Bill Brazell define 800 words from the male and female perspectives.