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In Flight

A comedy about the power of poetry, the poetry of power, and the perils of publishing. — And surely the world's first verse play set in the offices on an in-flight airline magazine.

"a charming and uplifting new play... Bader has a remarkable facility with language. The entire play is rhymed and moves at a fast clip..."
—Huffington Post

"a brilliant play and a lot of fun"

"a modern Shakespearean pleasure"
—Gotham Buzz

"exquisite... The poetry makes the characters and their dilemmas jump off into full throttle."
In Flight A Play Not to Miss
— Times Square Chronicles

Welcome to The Omega Traveler a highly unusual publication with piles of provocative fan mail, globe-trotting poets, erratic travel writers, and the potential for turning around the whole ailing airline industry. Fasten your seat belts and store your tray tables! This verse play flies fast -- and lands in unexpected places.